Introduction of Steel Framing Systems

When were Steel Framing Systems Introduced?

There are hundreds of old buildings that have been composed of concrete and stones. This is the case as the use of the first steel in building structures was during the 18th century.

During this the 18th century, most of the demands for steel production was for wrought and cast iron. This was because the other steel that was produced remained inconsistent until 1880. However, steel framing systems this changed in the late 19th century. In the 1980’s, steel frames were first introduced as being part of the foundation for constructing buildings and infrastructures. Construction companies can use a combination of beams, concrete, slabs and iron before the steel-framed house.

Introduction of Steel Construction

The first steel framed building erected in the United States was the 10 Home Insurance building by architect William Le Baron Jenney in 1885. This building was mainly composed of wrought iron and masonry cladding. Constructing high-rise buildings in Chicago’s soil was difficult because it is composed of soft clay. Creating the flooring of these buildings were also a challenge. The floor systems were encased in clay because once the steel floor systems got subjected to heat it began to lose its strength. In 1890, Rand McNally Building, the first real steel framed building was erected in Chicago. It was 10-stories high and cost 1 million dollars.

In the United Kingdom, the first building to use steel framing systems was the Royal Insurance Building erected in 1896.

The use of reinforced concrete on building floors was started by Francois Coignet in Paris in his all-concrete houses. This was developed from French gardener Joseph Monier’s use of large concrete flower pots encased in iron wires. However, it was the French builder Francois Hennebique that used Monier’s ideas to reinforce steel floor systems. He closed his construction business and started to work as a consulting engineer specializing in building sturdy steel infrastructures with this concept.

Over the past centuries and decades, the quality of steel framing systems have improved and they have become more readily available. Therefore, many builders and their companies will use quality steel roof trusses and frames. Contact our local team – Complete Steel Frames – for high quality building materials.

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