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Our website is packed full of advice and information for home owners. We will work with you or your chosen builder to deliver steel frames to your house construction site ready for quick assembly. We're happy to provide free advice and ideas on how to get the optimal outcome for your job.

With our 20 year manufacturing warranty you'll have piece of mind that your investment will last the test of time.

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Why Choose Steel Frames For Your Home?

If you are considering steel frames for your next home, no doubt you've heard some conflicting viewpoints on whether timber or steel frames are better. This video aims to clearly show what the pros, cons and myths of steel are.

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Why Choose Us?

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In this video we look at 6 great reasons why we're different from our competitors. As a local family business here in QLD, we take great care of our clients and don't mind doing things a bit differently to deliver a great customer experience!

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    We only use steel suppliers that provide a warranty on their steel, such as Bluescope Steel who offer a 50 year warranty. In addition to the warranty on the steel itself, Complete Steel Frames provide a 20 year manufacturing warranty ensuring the structural integrity of your house frame.
    Once engineering and council approvals have been passed, we provide a 10 day turn-around time. This ensures that there are no delays on your project.
    We are a family business here in Queensland that has grown from referrals and word of mouth. Which means that we care about our customers and listen to what they need. We can tailor a solution to meet your specific needs. We’re more than happy to provide free advice and ideas to ensure you have the best solution. But don't take it from us, click here to watch our customer testimonials.
    We can assist throughout the entire process from getting your plans certified, frame manufacturing, delivery and installation.
    With over 80 years of combined experience, we’ve got you covered! Click here to watch our videos to see the wide range of information and assistance we provide.
    All of our frames come with engineering and council certifications. All studs are pre-punched, making it super easy for electricians to install cabling and wiring.
    All you need to erect the steel frames we manufacture is an electric drill, a screw gun, a spirit level and a of course a BBQ, for all your mates to come around on the weekend and enjoy your new home.
    The steel we use is 100% recycled which means that it is good for the environment.

Flat Pack Vs Assembled

You can order your frames as either a flat pack (un-assembled steel pieces) or as pre-assembled frames that can simply be erected on site. Either method is simple, but obviously assembling the flatpack frames will require more time.

Flatpack frames vs assembled steel frames.

Are you an Owner Builder?

Download a list of tools and equipment you will need to install our steel frames.

With steel frames, say goodbye to termite issues

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