Roof Systems


Steel is lightweight and very strong, making it an ideal material for house roofs. Steel roofing can be configured to achieve all of the traditional roof styles such as Gable, Hip, Skillion, Flat and Sawtooth.

Ceiling panels

Roof panels are used in conjunction with our Ceiling Panel System, to produce an easy to assemble complete roof package. This is a steel roof system that needs no battens when installing a colourbond roof, as the lining can be fixed directly to the panel. Therefore roof installation is much quicker and cost effective.

Ceiling panels sit directly on top of the walls and add to the overall strength of the structure. You can easily walk on steel panel ceiling, making the fitting of the roof panels a "breeze"!

Various types of steel frame trusses.


Our truss machine has a capacity to produce trusses up to 18m in length and either 70mm or 90mm widths.

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Flat Pack Vs Assembled

You can order your frames as either a flat pack (un-assembled steel pieces) or as pre-assembled frames that can simply be erected on site. Either method is simple, but obviously assembling the flatpack frames will require more time.

Flatpack frames vs assembled steel frames.

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