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Complete Steel Frames is dedicated to working with builders to provide their clients with superior quality framing, at a comparable price as traditional timber framing. This benefits you in the following ways:

  • Your customer gets a better quality outcome.
  • Steel frames result in less warranty claims.
  • Cornice and plasterboard cracking due to frame movement is less likely.
  • On site installation is quicker, because walls and trusses are delivered pre-assembled and are lightweight to carry and maneuver on site.
  • Steel beams do not twist, bow, shrink, rot or go mouldy.
  • If it rains, no drying time is needed for steel frames.
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A team of 5 erect a 270 square metre house frame within just 8 hours. Erecting steel frames is so simple and quick.

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Tools required for installation

Download a list of tools and equipment you will need to install our steel frames.

Watch our steel frame installation videos.

Watch our installation videos for tradies

Our library of 23 videos will guide you through the process of installing steel frames.
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How Strong is Steel?

Don't try this with a timber frame!

Watch our team in action

Watch our team as they manufacture steel framing for a residential home.

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