Warranty Policy

Steel Frame Warranty Policy

Complete Steel Frames makes no guarantees, either express or implied beyond the facts hereof including, without limitation, warranties of fitness for a specific application and shall have no other liability with respect thereto.


This warranty shall be subject to the stipulations, limitations and conditions hereinafter set forth:

A 20 year manufacturing warranty is offered on the steel frames, walls and trusses manufactured by Complete Steel Frames after the 1st of February 2015.  Under this warranty, frames or trusses with manufacturing defects will be replaced free of charge if they are found to be defective.

This warranty covers the integrity of the manufactured frames, not the steel material itself (as the steel is covered under the steel supplier’s warranty and will therefore be referred back to the steel supplier to be claimed under their warranty).

This warranty excludes issues that may arise as a result of :

  • Incorrect on-site installation by the builder/installer
  • Damage to the steel frame cause by accident, fire, natural disaster, a third party or the home owner themselves
  • A defect with the steel material itself (as this is covered under the steel supplier’s warranty)
  • Structural overload resulting from inadequate engineering approval

This warranty is limited to manufacturing and delivery of replacement components of the frame.  This warranty does not cover on-site installation or replacement of other house building materials.

Terms of the warranty:

  • The warranty may be void if the manufactured frames are installed later than 5 calendar months after delivery has been made by Complete Steel Frames.
  • No liability shall be accepted for any consequential loss or damages attributable to the failure.
  • Complete Steel Frames shall not in any event be liable for the cost of labour expended by others on any non-conforming component or for any special, indirect or consequential damages to anyone by reason of the fact that such components shall have been non-conforming.
  • Buyer shall exercise due diligence in inspection of sheets as received from Complete Steel Frames so as to mitigate repair or replacement.
  • Claims must be promptly reported in writing to Complete Steel Frames, and Complete Steel Frames shall be given a reasonable opportunity to inspect the components claimed to be non-conforming. Adequate identification of the material involved in the claim, including but not limited to the date of installation, Complete Steel Frames order number and date of shipment must be established and provided by the Buyer.
  • The steel decking must be separated from all other structural steel supports which are made of dissimilar metal to prevent galvanic corrosion.
  • Do not cut sheet by circular saw or grinder as high temperature metal filings will damage the coating. During construction, remove metal filings and other debris daily to minimize risk of corrosion.
  • Failure of the product from corrosion is defined as when the sheet is perforated. Surface rust, or minor corrosion at bends or cut edges due to natural weathering does not constitute failure of the product.
  • Complete Steel Frames extends this warranty solely to the Agent, hereinafter referred to as “Buyer”. This warranty is non-transferable and non-assignable.
  • Complete Steel Frames reserves the right to terminate this warranty at any time (except as to orders already accepted) upon the giving of written notice thereof.
  • The buyer will seek appropriate engineering approvals.



This warranty does not apply to frames exposed at any time to corrosive or aggressive atmospheric conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Areas subject to salt-water marine atmosphere or to repeated spraying of either salt or fresh water.
  • Areas subject to fallout of or exposure to corrosive chemicals, acid rain, ash, fumes, cement dust or animal waste
  • Areas subject to water run-off from lead or copper flashing or areas in metallic contact with lead, stainless steel, monel or copper.
  • Conditions or circumstances where corrosive fumes or condensates are generated or released inside the building.
  • Areas subject to contact with the incorporation of concrete add mixtures which are regarded as corrosive and lead to accelerated corrosion.
  • Areas subject to contact with the concrete formwork timber and supports which may contain water.
  • Areas subject to immersion as a result of flood or substandard site drainage.
  • External storage, leading to wet packs and wet stacks.


This warranty does not apply in the event of:

  • Mechanical, chemical or other damage sustained during shipment, storage, forming, fabrication, erection or after erection.
  • Forming which incorporates reverse bending or which subjects the coating to alternate compression and tension. Bends less than 4T for all a sheet thickness.
  • Failure to allow free drainage of water, including internal condensation, from all other surfaces of the sheets or panels.
  • Corrosion or any other abnormal phenomena arising within the lapped areas of sheets.
  • Structural overload due to mistakes or negligence on behalf of the engineer
  • Failure to remove debris or provide free drainage of water, including internal condensation from overlaps and all other surfaces of the sheets.
  • Deterioration of the sheets caused by contact with green or wet lumber or wet storage stain caused by water damage or condensation.
  • Presence of damp insulation or other corrosive material in contact with or close proximity to the panel.
  • Deterioration of the sheets around the fasteners, bend portions, cut edge areas and damage areas.
  • Slopes of the roof or of any section of the roof that is less than 3 degrees.
  • Contact with bitumen, soil, ashes, fertilisers, fire retardant or other retaining substance.
  • Severe marine, industrial or corrosive environments.
  • Storm and tempest or other Acts of God and force majeure.

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