Burning down the house!

Ever wondered what a house would look like if it was blazed by an intense bushfire. In the video below (courtesy of ABC Catylist) the CSIRO test what they nickname the "fire proof house". The fire proof house is made from steel frames, for the highest resistance to fire.

The CSIRO aim to learn more about bushfires and how to better resist Australian bushfires in the future.

You'll notice that the fire department is on hand to put out the fire at the end of the test. Kids, don't try this at home!

A conclusion noted by NASH (the national association of steel framed housing) was that steel frames were an obvious choice for the "fire proof" house, and suffered minimal damage. The steel frames only buckling in one spot where the fire reached 1000 degrees celcius, whereas a timber frame house would have been completed consumed by fire by the end of the test.

Using a steel frame on your house could potentially save the lives of your family. Not only will the steel frames not burn, but steel will not release toxic gasses as the frames burn. This means that the occupants of the home are less likely to die from asphyxiation due to breathing in toxic gasses. This extra fire safety security make steel house frames a great choice for domestic or commercial housing applications, reducing the likelihood of fires, but also the likelihood of fire related deaths.

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