Benefits of Steel Framing Systems for Building

Steel framing systems are becoming increasingly popular among architects, engineers and owners of buildings of all sizes from residential homes to commercial offices for good reasons. These systems provide for several benefits from installation to maintenance that beat their nearest competitor – timber framing systems.

Easy installation

Steel frame homes and buildings are easy to install since these are engineered with precision in mind. As such, the ends fit precisely with each end fitting into the other while also eliminating the need for special fasteners as well as for cutting, retaining and hammering bulky items (i.e., planks).

Cost effective

The cost effectiveness of using steel framing systems come in two forms. First, on-location waste can be reduced because the steel frames have been engineered to fit to perfection, as mentioned above, before installation. Second, fewer employees are required to install the system so salary expenses are also reduced.

Strong frame

“A heart of steel” is not just an adage when it comes to steel frame homes and buildings. Steel is one of the strongest building materials, thus, providing unparalleled structural integrity across all types of environment especially as it will not shrink, twist and warp; timber, on the other hand, are subject to these changes that can result in cracked cornices, jammed doors, and wavy rooflines.


Steel frames are safer than timber frames for many reasons. First, metal is more resistant against fire (i.e., non-combustible so the amount of flammable materials is reduced). Second, steel is unaffected by pests like termites, rodents and bugs as well as fungi and mold, all of which affect timber.

Furthermore, steel frames are not subjected to chemical treatments that can result in ill health on people exposed to it. Timber, in contrast, must be treated with chemicals against pests, which can leak and affect the health of humans.

The bottom line: Steel frames are the best option in construction.


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