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Meet our team

Watch our team in action as they design, manufacture, assemble, deliver and install steel framing for a double story house.
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Timelapse of frame installation

Watch this house frame get erected in just 6 hours by a team of 5. Steel house frames a quick and easy to install, coming pre-assembled ready to erect. It's so simple that even owner builders with little building experience can do it!
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Watch us assemble a steel frame

Watch the method in which Complete Steel Frames assembled frames and trusses in our manufacturing warehouse. This is the manner in which all Scottsdale frames system are manufactured, ensuring a strong and quality outcome.
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Installation Timelapse

This timelapse video provided by Scottsdale, demonstrate just how quick and simple it is to erect a steel frame supplied by Complete Steel Frames. As a manufacturer who proudly uses the Scottsdale software and systems, Complete Steel Frames and their customers benefit from a quick installation process.
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