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Meet our team

Watch our team in action as they design, manufacture, assemble, deliver and install steel framing for a double story house.
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DIY – Home Owner Builders

Karin Pearson on HOME presents a segment on just how easy it is to build a steel frame house yourself, as a DIY owner builder. You can do the installation yourself or get a builder to erect the frames for you.
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Don’t do this with a timber frame!

In this video we roll an entire steel house frame over to demonstrate the amazing strength and structural integrity with steel framed houses. This structural strength comes in handy during cyclones and storms, reducing the likelihood of damage.
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Destroyed by termites! (A CURRENT AFFAIR)

There are some things you have to see to believe and a house completely destroyed by termites is one of them. This video shows the shocking reality of termite damage and what termites can do to timber framed homes. That's why steel frames houses are a much safer investment for home owners.
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Complete Steel Frames