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  • The pros, cons and myths of steel

    The pros, cons and myths of steel

    If you have been researching whether to use timber or steel for your next house, you have probably heard some conflicting points of view.…

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  • Why We’re Different

    Why We’re Different

    If you've decided on using steel for your house frames, here are a 6 reasons why Complete Steel Frames is the right company for…

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    ABC Catylist - The CSIRO attempt to create a "fire proof" house out of steel frames, with the aim of learning how to resist…

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  • Destroyed by termites! (A CURRENT AFFAIR)

    Destroyed by termites! (A CURRENT AFFAIR

    There are some things you have to see to believe and a house completely destroyed by termites is one of them. This video shows…

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  • Are termites in your home?

    Are termites in your home?

    The termite horror stories continue, as home owners around australia suffer billions of dollars of damage from termites. Today Tonight reports that Australia's termite…

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  • DIY – Home Owner Builders

    DIY – Home Owner Builders

    Karin Pearson on HOME presents a segment on just how easy it is to build a steel frame house yourself, as a DIY owner…

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  • Steel frames tested for earthquakes

    Steel frames tested for earthquakes

    NASH (National Association of Steel framed Housing) put steel frames to the test against seismic movements. These tests were conducted with the University of…

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  • Electric shears and nibblers

    Electric shears and nibblers

    Steel frame Installation video Electric shears and nibblers

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