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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you wondering about the purchasing and construction process of Complete Steel Frames high quality portables and granny flats? Read below for the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Q1. “Your portable buildings seem more expensive than your competitors'. Why is that?”

A. With our extensive experience in the industry, and from talking to our customers, we believe that quality is more important than cost. While our product is more expensive; we design, make, and deliver our portables ourselves, ensuring the highest quality standards in the industry. We guarantee that you get what you pay for in a long lasting, unbeatable quality portable building.

Q2. “Tell me about your guarantees”

A. As our Portable Buildings and Granny Flats are constructed out of steel, not timber, they are termite and rust proof. They are built upon a super strong heavy duty solid steel skid base and have a solid steel structure and can be placed directly onto a level ground. We pride ourselves on producing a quality fully compliant product to our customers. All of our buildings structures are certified by an Engineer and all work conducted on our buildings is done so by qualified trades people. The plumbing and electrical work carried out on our buildings is council approved ex-factory, so that when you have the building placed on your property it is ready for your services (electrical and water/sewerage) to be installed by electrical and plumbing trades.

Q3. “How secure are they?”

A. Our granny flats and portables come with locking doors and windows as standard. They're also engineered to the best standards possible, from the high-grade steel framing to the quality materials we use on the exterior and interior.

Q4. “Are they comfortable for my ageing mother to live in?”

A. Yes! We have many customers who buy portables for their parents and install them on their primary place of residence. They can include air conditioning, kitchens, one, two or three bedrooms, and provide all the comforts of home without the set up costs or maintenance of a traditional home or purchasing a home in a retirement village.

Q5. “Are they easy and inexpensive to move?”

A. Many residential and commercial clients move the granny flat or portable building they've purchased from us with little problem or expense, as they do not have to move them very far. As we’ve mentioned before, this is why all our frames are steel. This not only makes them stronger and eliminates termite infestation, but also eliminates twisting and warping when they are moved.

Q6. “We’re thinking about getting one as an investment to rent out. Is that a good idea?”

A. We’re not financial advisors or Real Estate Agents, and as we do not know where you live this is a hard question to answer. However, by adding a granny flat to your primary place of residence you’ll be adding value and increasing your property's value in most cases by creating a rent income for very little outlay. This can help you pay off your mortgage sooner.

Q7. "Do I need council approval?"

A. Perhaps. Depending on the size of the portable building you choose, the location of installation on your property, and the zoning of your property, some council approvals may be required. As regulations differ from council to council, it is best to check with your local planning department. We will endeavor to provide any plans or documents to assist with this process.

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