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Burning down the house!

Ever wondered what a house would look like if it was blazed by an intense bushfire. In the video below (courtesy of ABC Catylist) the CSIRO test what they nickname the "fire proof house". The fire proof house is made from steel frames, for the highest resistance to fire.

Eco-friendly Steel House Frames

As a shading system the Eclipse gap Roof louvres rotate through virtually one hundred eighty degrees, this suggests the louvres will be angular to permit total management against the summer sun. In winter the louvres will be revolved towards the sun to achieve the maximum amount winter heat as needed. Natural winter daylight will bathe out of doors areas furthermore as indoor by sportfishing the louvres. In between seasons you’ll be able to permit the quantity of sunshine and heat you need with barely of a button.

Benefits of Steel Framing Systems for Building

Steel framing systems are becoming increasingly popular among architects, engineers and owners of buildings of all sizes from residential homes to commercial offices for good reasons. These systems provide for several benefits from installation to maintenance that beat their nearest competitor – timber framing systems.

Steel Sheds

Metal Sheds

Metal sheds made of skinny flat solid sheathing (galvanized steel, aluminium, or furrowed iron) connected to a metal frame. Metal sheds square measure a decent alternative once long strength and resistance to fireplace, rot, or termites is desired. However, metal sheds could rust over time, significantly if they are created from steel that’s not galvanized. bear in mind that concrete is extremely corrosive therefore care has to be take once aggregation your shed to avoid contact with the surface panels.

Complete Steel Frames